Paleet is a shopping center situated on the high street Karl Johans gate in the very centre of Oslo. It has operated as a shopping mall since 1990, a new building sitting behind retained historical facades from the 1860’s.

PALEET 01_Entrance_Nils Petter Dale

In 2014 Paleet has undergone an extensive refurbishment. The aim has been to create a shopping destination with a strong personality. The project seeks to provide an overall experience through exquisite design as well as offering a range of dining venues and high end boutiques. As a collaboration between Petter Abrahamsen at RISS AS, Linda Knoph Vigsnæs of Lysstoff AS and the architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects, the group had a shared design vision from the outset.

PALEET_Entrance_Nils Petter Dale

Paleet - Einar Aslaksen 11Paleet - Einar Aslaksen 5
PALEET 18_1st floor_Nils Petter DalePaleet - Einar Aslaksen 1PALEET 06_Atrium_Nils Petter Dale
PALEET 07_Atrium_Nils Petter DalePALEET 08_Atrium_Nils Petter DalePALEET 09_Atrium_Nils Petter DalePALEET 10_Atrium_Nils Petter Dale

The project sought to enable a continuation of the shopping malls original character which was based on exclusive materials and a hospitable atmosphere, translated into a new and contemporary materiality. The goal was to rationalize and modernize the mall, building on the existing atmosphere without copying the old. The brief was to elevate the mall to a high end shopping destination in way that felt intimate, exclusive with rough feel.

PALEET 13_1st floor_Nils Petter DalePALEET 16_1st floor_Nils Petter Dale

The distinction between shared spaces and individual retailers are important elements in the design of a shopping center. This distinction took the form of urban walls. The shops retain their individuality through acting as theatrical openings in the wall whilst the restaurants transcend these lines and flow naturally into the shared spaces. The warm and golden palette of the shared spaces retains a level of soberness as not to feel too precious. It has contrasting tactile qualities and a modern appeal with materials that will age gracefully. The choice of materials sets a distinct mood whilst remaining in the background, allowing the shop fronts to take centre stage. The lightly hued terrazzo flooring with golden fragments plays in tandem with the copper and the dryness of the cedar cladding of the walls.

PALEET_Atrium Skylight_Nils Petter DalePaleet - Einar Aslaksen 2Illustration__Skylight chandelier night

The lightness of the floors, and its slight golden shine, acts as a stage floor, enabling goods and people to be exposed to an optimal degree. Throughout the mall the round columns are upholstered using brown leather with a French seam in a spiral pattern providing a soft tactility among the adjacent harder materials of the palette. The square columns are clad in shiny copper. The ceiling, featuring a suspended see through metal grid, hides the servicing yet gives the impression of a full height space. The soffit with servicing elements is exposed but tinted with a deep red hue. The reflective nature of these gridded surfaces enables light to bounce and animate the space.

PALEET 20_Public Restroom_Nils Petter DalePALEET 21_Public restroom_Nils Petter DaleSkylight Chandelier Strip model 1

The new chandelier suspended above the main atrium space is a true eye-catcher which creates various light scenarios during the day. This installation will be an attraction in itself.

1-10_Model_05Sketch atrium detailSketch atriumSketch_store fronts 3


Project Data

Shopping Center, refurbishment
Karl Johans gate 37-43, Oslo, Norway
Finished September 2014
ca. 10100 m2
Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Siv Hofseøy, Claes Cho Heske Ekornås, Ane Sønderaal Tolfsen, Jeanette Alvestad, Mari Isdahl, Martin Kandola
RISS AS, Linda Knoph Vigsnæs/LYSSTOFF AS
KLP Eiendom[/vc_wp_text]


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